Thursday, 1 November 2012

Chashm-e-num, jaan-e-shooreeda with Translation

Chashm-e-num, jaan-e-shooreeda with Translation

chashm-e-num, jaan-e-shooreeda kafi nahi
tohmat-e-ishq poosheeda kafi nahi
aaj bazaar maiN paa_bajolaaN chaloo

A wet eye, a shaken life is not enough,
The accusation of a hidden love is not enough,
With feet in chains, Let us go in public today.

dast afshaaN chalo, mast-o-raqsaaN chaloo
Khak bar_sir chalo, Khoon bada_maaN chaloo
raah takta hai sab shehr-e-jaanaN chaloo

Let us go with palms exposed, with a song and dance,
with dirt in our hair, with blood on our chest,
Let us go while the entire city of lovers watches.

hakim-e-shehar bhi, majma-e-aam bhi
teer-e-ilzam bhi, saang-e-dushnaam bhi
subh-e-nashaad bhi, rooz-e-nakaam bhi
inka dum_saaz apney siva kaun hai
shehr-e-jaanaaN maiN aab ba_safa kaun hai?
dast-e-qatil ke shaayaaN raha kaun hai?

For the warden of the city, and the crowd of the commoners,
And the arrows of accusation, and the stones of abuse,
And the glum morning, and the failing day,
Who is there to give them life except us?
Who is ready in this city except us?
Who is honorable enough for the killer’s hand except us?

raKht-e-dil bandh lo, dil_figarooN chaloo
phir hum he qatal ho aaiN, yarooN chaloo

Pack up your belongings O Injured heart ones!
Let us go friends and get killed once again.

~Faiz Ahmed Faiz, 1959 (Lahore Jail)

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