Friday, 5 October 2012

Benaam Sa Ye Dard, Thahar Kyon With English Translation

Album: Muntzir
Singer: Jagjit Singh

 Benaam Sa Ye Dard, Thahar Kyon With English Translation

Benaam Sa Ye Dard, Thahar Kyon Nahi Jaata,
this nameless pain that I feel, why doesn't freeze up

Jo Beet Gya Hai, Woh Gujar Kyon Nahi Jaata,
what is past, why doesn't it pass away

Sab Kuch To Hai, Kya Dundti Rahti Hai Nigahe
I have everything, then what do my eyes keep searching for?

Kya Baat Hai Main Waqt Pe Ghar Kyo Nahi Jaata,
what keeps me from going home on time?

Woh Ek Hi Chera To, Nahi Sare Jahan Mein,
that face is not the only one in the world

Jo Dur Hai Woh Dil Se Utar Kyo Nahi Jaata,
what's far away, why doesn't it leave my heart

Main Apni Hi Ulzi Hui Raho Ka Tamasha,
I'm a spectacle in my own confused path

Jate Hai Jidhar Sab, Main Udhar Kyo Nahi Jaata,
where everyone goes, why don't i go there

Woh Naam Jo Barso Se, Na Chera Na Badan Hai,
that name, which for years has been faceless and formless

Woh Khawaab Agar Hai To Bikhar Kyo Nahi Jaata
If it's a dream then why doesn't it shatter

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