Monday, 5 November 2012

Seemab Akbarabadi

Shayar/Poet: Seemab Akbarabadi

Song composed by Seemab Akbarabadi, sung by a Meher Baba lover in 1958, 7 years after Seemab passed away. This Ghazal is also sung by KL SAIGAL. None Filmi Ghazal.

Ab kyaa bataun main tere milne with English Translation

Ab kyaa bataun main tere milne se kya milaa
Now what can I say, what I gained by meeting you

Irfaan-e-Gham huaa mujhe dil kaa pataa milaa
The hidden pain manifested, I became aware of my heart

Jab duur tak na koyi faqiir-aashnaa milaa
When I could not find even a saint friend for long

Teraa niyaaz-mand tere dar se jaa milaa
One craving you only I found standing at your door

Manzil milii muraad milii mudda'a milaa
I found my destination, ambition, whole point of existence

Sab kuchh mujhe milaa jo teraa naqsh-e-paa milaa
I found everything when I found your foot imprint

Yaa zakhm-e-dil ko chiir ke siine se phhenk de
Either you must rip off that heart-wound through the chest

Yaa aitaraaf kar ki nishaan-e-vafaa milaa
Or you must agree that you achieved your aim in love

"Seemab" ko shaguftaa na dekhaa tamaam umr
No one saw "Seemab" happy during a whole lifetime

Kambakht jab milaa hameN kam-aashnaa milaa.
My unfortunate self, when I found it, it was less friendly.

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